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9 Ways To Give Your Home A Facelift


Ever walked into a room and felt something was off? Maybe it was the outdated wallpaper that screamed 1980s, or the dim lighting that made the room feel more like a brooding film set than a cozy living space. We've all been there, haven't we? But the good news is, with a bit of creativity and the right decor items, you can transform these spaces and give your home the facelift it deserves.

Imagine stepping into a home that feels cozy, inviting, and uniquely you. A place where every item tells a story, and every room is a reflection of your personality. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? But right now, you might be thinking, "That sounds great, but where do I start?" Well, that's what we're here for.

Transforming your home isn't about major renovations that require months of work or a hefty budget. It's about the little things—the small changes that breathe new life into your space. It's about adding a splash of color here, a new texture there, or a unique piece that becomes the room's focal point. And the best part? It's a journey, a process of experimenting and discovering what works best for your space and style. A journey we're about to embark on together, right here, right now.

So, are you ready to give your home a facelift? Great! Let's get started.

Sculptures and Ornaments: Artistic Flair

Big Mouth Bulldog with Tail Tray

Big Mouth Bulldog with Tail Tray

Let's start with sculptures and ornaments. Think of them as the cherry on top of your interior decor sundae. A strategically placed sculpture or ornament can add a touch of elegance, whimsy, or intrigue to any room. It's like the final brushstroke on a beautiful painting—the detail that brings everything together.

Moon Astronaut with Hand Tray - Hemkonst


Now, imagine a sculpture that not only adds visual interest but also serves a functional purpose. Sounds intriguing, right? That's where sculptures with Bluetooth speaker add-ons come into play. Think about it: An elegant abstract sculpture sitting on your coffee table, filling the room with your favorite tunes. It's not just a piece of decor—it's an experience, a conversation starter, a fusion of art and technology.



And the beauty of sculptures and ornaments lies in their versatility. Whether you prefer the sleek lines of modern design, the intricate details of traditional craftsmanship, or the quirky charm of pop art, there's something out there for everyone. The key is to choose pieces that resonate with you and harmonize with the rest of your decor. So, don't be afraid to experiment and let your personality shine through. After all, that's what makes your home uniquely yours, right?

Illumination Enhancement: Table, Wall, and Floor Lamps

Next, let's shed some light on the subject—quite literally. The right lighting can turn a drab room into a cozy retreat or a vibrant gathering spot. It's like the secret ingredient in a delicious recipe—the thing that brings everything together and elevates it to a whole new level.

Innovative Smart LED Bedside Lamp - Hemkonst

Innovative Smart LED Bedside Lamp

But choosing the right lighting isn't just about functionality. It's about creating the right mood, enhancing your decor, and emphasizing the room's best features. It's about understanding the different types of lighting—ambient, task, and accent—and how to use them to your advantage.

Consider table lamps. They're not just for reading. A well-chosen table lamp can add warmth to your space, making it feel cozy and inviting. It's the perfect accessory for a reading nook or a bedside table, creating a soft glow that's perfect for winding down after a long day.

Nordic Feather Table Lamp (Straight Stand) - Hemkonst

Nordic Feather Table Lamp

On the other hand, floor lamps can make a bold statement. With their height and presence, they can become a focal point in the room, drawing the eye and adding a touch of drama. And with a variety of styles—from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional—they can complement any decor.

Then there are wall lamps. They might seem like a small detail, but they can have a big impact. A pair of wall lamps can frame a piece of art, a mirror, or a bed, adding symmetry and balance to your space. Or they can be used to highlight architectural features or add a touch of ambience to a dining area.

So, whether you're looking to create a cozy reading nook, highlight a favorite piece of art, or add some ambience to your dining room, the right lighting can make all the difference. It's all about finding the right balance and making the light work for you.

Little Silver / Golden Man Table Lamp - Hemkonst


The Cozy Factor: Rugs

Now, let's talk about rugs. Nothing says cozy like a plush, beautifully designed rug under your feet. It's the kind of comfort you can feel, literally. But a rug isn't just a piece of decor—it's a statement. It's a way to infuse your space with color, texture, and character.

Think about it: A vibrant Moroccan rug can transport you to the bustling souks of Marrakech, with their vibrant colors and exotic scents. A soft wool rug can make a cold morning much more bearable, providing a warm spot for your feet as you sip your morning coffee. Or a minimalist Scandinavian rug can add a touch of understated elegance to your living room, complementing a modern decor.

Bohemian Rug - Hemkonst

Bohemian Rug

But choosing a rug isn't just about the design. It's about the size, the shape, the material, and how it fits into your overall decor. A rug too small can make your room look disjointed, while a rug too large can swallow up your space. So, measure your space, and choose a rug that fits just right.

And let's not forget about the material. Wool rugs are warm, durable, and naturally resistant to stains, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas. Cotton rugs are easy to clean and come in a variety of colors and patterns, making them a versatile option for any room. And then there's silk, which adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, but requires more care.

Retro Large Checkerboard Rug - Hemkonst

Retro Large Checkerboard Rug

So, whether you're looking to add warmth, color, or character to your space, a rug can be a powerful tool in your decor arsenal. It's a way to put your personal stamp on your space and make it feel truly yours.

Refreshing Drinks: Decorative Mugs

Now, let's move into the kitchen. Who said mugs are just for coffee? A well-chosen mug can double up as decor, adding a splash of color to your kitchen or dining room. It's an easy, affordable way to refresh your space and express your personal style.

Retro Handmade Coffee Cup - Hemkonst

Retro Handmade Coffee Cup

Imagine this: a row of hand-painted mugs displayed on a wooden shelf, each telling its own little story. A whimsical mug you found at a local flea market, a sleek modern design you fell in love with in a design magazine, a colorful ceramic mug you bought on your last vacation. Each mug has its own personality, its own story to tell.

"Adorable from eyes" Kitty Mug 11oz - Hemkonst

"Adorable from eyes" Kitty Mug 11oz

And that's the beauty of mugs—they're functional, versatile, and personal. They're a small detail that can make a big difference. So, don't hide them away in a cabinet. Display them, let them shine, and let them tell their stories.

Scents and Sensibility: Home Fragrances

There's a reason why real estate agents advise baking bread or brewing coffee before a viewing. Our sense of smell is powerful. A pleasant scent can make a home feel inviting, cozy, and warm. It's a subtle detail that can have a big impact on how we perceive a space.

Hemkonst Reed Diffuser Set - Hemkonst

Hemkonst Reed Diffuser Set

But not all fragrances are created equal. Stick to subtle, natural scents like lavender, vanilla, or citrus, and avoid anything too overwhelming or synthetic. After all, you want your home to smell inviting, not like a perfume factory.

Hemkonst Air Freshening Wicker Diffuser - Hemkonst

Hemkonst Air Freshening Wicker Diffuser

And remember, scents are personal. What smells wonderful to one person might be off-putting to another. So, choose fragrances that you love and that make your home feel like, well, home.

Bathroom Bliss: Accessories for a Spa-Like Feel

Just because it's a bathroom doesn't mean it has to be boring. In fact, with the right accessories, your bathroom can become one of the most stylish rooms in your home. Think of it as your personal spa—a place to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself after a long day.

Consider the humble soap dispenser. It might seem like a small detail, but a beautifully crafted soap dispenser can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Or how about a set of fluffy, luxurious towels? They're not just practical—they're a way to add texture and color to your space.

Resin & Wood Toothbrush Bathroom Accessories Set - Hemkonst

Resin & Wood Bathroom Accessories Set

And let's not forget about scented candles. They can transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat, filling the space with a soothing scent and a soft, warm glow. It's the perfect way to set the mood for a relaxing bath or a pampering skincare routine.

But remember, a stylish bathroom isn't just about the accessories. It's about creating a space that feels clean, fresh, and organized. So, invest in some stylish storage solutions to keep your toiletries and beauty products tidy and within reach.

PET Nano Diatom Soft Mat - Hemkonst

PET Nano Diatom Soft Mat

Organized Spaces: Storage Organizers

Ever heard the saying, "A place for everything, and everything in its place"? That's the golden rule for an organized home. But here's the twist: storage doesn't have to be mundane. With the right storage organizers, you can keep your space tidy and add to your decor.

Baskets, boxes, and shelves come in all shapes and sizes, and can be a stylish way to store your things. A woven basket can add a rustic touch to your living room, while a sleek metal shelf can add a modern edge. A colorful storage box can add a pop of color to a neutral space, while a simple wooden box can add warmth and texture.

Zipper Comforter Storage Box - Hemkonst

Zipper Comforter Storage Box

But remember, the key to effective storage is to think about how you use your space. What items do you use every day? What needs to be within easy reach, and what can be stored away? Once you've figured that out, you can choose storage solutions that not only look good, but also make your life easier.

For example, in the kitchen, you might want to use open shelves to display your beautiful dinnerware, while using boxes or baskets to store less attractive items. In the living room, you might want to use a stylish bookcase to display your book collection, while using a coffee table with hidden storage for remote controls, magazines, and other small items.

Wooden Semicircle Wall Shelf - Hemkonst

Wooden Semicircle Wall Shelf

And remember, storage isn't just about hiding things away. It's about showcasing the things you love. So, don't be afraid to display your favorite items. A beautiful vase, a cherished photograph, a treasured book—these are the things that make your home uniquely yours.

Cute Astronaut Wall-mounted Storage Tray - Hemkonst


Outdoor Spaces: Patio and Garden Decor

We've talked a lot about indoor decor, but what about the outdoors? Your patio, garden, or balcony is an extension of your home, and it deserves the same attention to detail.

Let's start with seating. A comfortable, stylish set of patio furniture can transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat. Add a few colorful outdoor pillows for an extra touch of comfort and style. And don't forget about a patio umbrella or a shade sail to protect you from the sun.

Next, let's talk about plants. Whether you have a spacious garden, a small patio, or a tiny balcony, plants can add life, color, and texture to your space. But don't just think about plants in terms of flowers and greenery. Think about pots. A beautifully designed pot can be a piece of decor in its own right, adding a touch of style to your outdoor space.

And let's not forget about lighting. Outdoor lights can create a magical atmosphere, making your outdoor space feel cozy and inviting. Think about string lights twinkling above your patio, solar lights illuminating your garden path, or lanterns casting a warm glow on your balcony. It's like adding a touch of fairy tale magic to your outdoor space.

But remember, decorating your outdoor space is not just about adding things. It's also about creating space. Space to breathe, to relax, to enjoy the beauty of nature. So, think about how you use your outdoor space, and design it in a way that suits your lifestyle. Whether you love hosting garden parties, growing your own vegetables, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning sun, your outdoor space should reflect that.


In conclusion, giving your home a facelift is about more than just decor. It's about creating a space that reflects who you are, a space that tells your story. It's about the little details that make a big difference—the splash of color that brightens up a room, the scent that makes a house feel like home, the cozy rug that invites you to kick off your shoes and relax.

But most importantly, it's about enjoying the process. So, don't be afraid to experiment, to try new things, to make mistakes. After all, that's how you learn, grow, and discover what truly works for you.

So, are you ready to give your home a facelift? Great! We can't wait to see what you create.

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