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How to Make Homemade Candles?

How to Make Homemade Candles?

Making candles is an excellent way to relax and unwind. It is also a great hobby that can be done with the whole family.

There are many different types of candles you can make, but today we are going to be focusing on how to make a candle with a silicone mold.

100% Food Grade Silicone Mold

Eco-friendly, reusable, and flexible.

The product is a reusable mold that is perfect for making candles. It can also be used to decorate and gift others.

Below is 12 steps making homemade candles with silicone mold:

  1. Prepare the tools:  You will need a wick, some stearin, a dauber, a pot of water and ice, and some measuring spoons.
  2. Place the silicone mold on the work surface.
  3. Pour about one inch of stearin into the mold.
  4. Dip the wick into the stearin and place it in the middle of the mold.
  5. Add more stearin around the wick until it is covered about 1/4 to 1/2 inches. This will help the wick stand up straight in the mold.
  6. Take a pot filled with water and ice cubes and place it on a stove over medium heat.
  7. When the water is hot, turn off the heat and wait until the water is completely cool.
  8. Place the pot of water into an ice bath to keep it cool while you are pouring the candle wax into the mold.
  9. Hold your finger over the hole at the bottom of the mold and slowly pour in enough wax to cover your wick about 1/4 inches deep.
  10. Wait a few minutes for the wax to set, then remove your candle from the mold by pulling it up through the hole in bottom of the mold.
  11. Let the candle cool completely before you trim the wick and burn it.
  12. Make sure to keep your finished candles in a safe place where they won't get knocked over and spilled.  

If you want to make a candle with a different scent, you can mix in a few drops of essential oil into the wax before pouring it into the mold.

PS. - *Always keep an eye on your melting wax and water. These are hot items that can cause serious burns if not handled properly.

Never leave them unattended. If you are making a candle for someone else, make sure to keep the wax at a temperature that is safe for skin contact.

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